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Testimonials for Tamara’s Yoga Videos:

  1. “How I started my morning! It was a great way to relax!.” Brittany
  2. “the best iv seen so far” – Randy
  3. “Great explanation” – Rebecca
  4. “Great video. Thanks Y ; )” – James
  5. “Many thanks for making and sharing this excellent stretch and ab too. I really like your style and your voice guidance so that even beginners can follow at an appropriate difficulty level. Many thanks indeed and I pray many continued ¬†blessings to you xx.” – Miriam
  6. “Thank you for kicking my butt this a.m.¬† What a great 25 minute workout – I broke a sweat, had you as my teacher and you kicked my butt!! Thanks.¬† I may never leave the house. Keep the tapes coming.” – Dana
  7. “Thank u tamara.. got through half tonight (no time to finish but glad I did some)… loved the guitar as back ground music and looking forward to having time to do this again and finishing next time.” – Patti
  8. “[10-minute Yoga abs] is an excellent workout. Often do this as a warm up before martial arts. Have copied this sequence so many times I no longer need the video!” – brotherregent
  9. Your video ‘Five Minute Hatha Flow Yoga with Tamara’ was so lovely.”– Maylar Flower
  10. “I’m a complete beginner. I have tried 4 of your videos and feel like it was just wonderful. Thank you. -elimineli
  11. “Tamara, you are a natural teacher! I followed one of your yoga videos, loved it. Will you add some more, please? Thank you so much!”– Vivi
  12. “I love your 6 minute video. Would love to have a 10-20 minute video. I do the 6 minute one daily. I find that it works well to do yoga throughout the day… and a short session is easy to fit in.”– Diana, Canada
  13. “Amazing.” – James