Reiki Healing

Healing looks at the whole person, seeing them as spirit, mind, emotions and body, in that order.”

– Jack Angelo, “Hands-on Healing”
Reiki Healing Hands

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced “Ray-Key”) is the channeling of Universal Qi or energy at the frequency of and for the purpose of healing. Reiki is not a substitute for conventional medicine; however, it does not interfere or conflict with it or any other form of healing; instead it compliments and enhances the effect, speeding up the healing process. Reiki energy is pure. When it is combined with a sincere desire of the person receiving it and the clear intention of the person giving it, an emotional and spiritual cleansing occurs, thus balancing the body, emotions, mind and spirit and creating the space within which healing can occur.

A Reiki practitioner channels universal healing energy by “laying on hands” a few inches above the physical body or at a distance. Reiki gently nourishes the body, mind and spirit by clearing energy blocks and promoting well-being.

When is Reiki used?

Reiki has many applications. Some of the reasons people seek Reiki include:

  • To ease physical & emotional side effects of medical treatments
  • To provide emotional support after loss or trauma
  • To help relieve stress and anxiety
  • To promote healing after a physical injury, illness or surgery
  • To maintain wellness and boost the immune system

Tamara’s Reiki Lineage

I received all three Reiki trainings and attunements in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki method from Ft. Lauderdale Reiki Master, Rev. Rina Lichtinger Iswhari. She taught me Reiki Levels 1 & 2 in 2010 and Master-Teacher Level 3 in 2016. I learned how to facilitate healing in people, animals, nature and water, and to teach Reiki to others. I can also direct Reiki healing into the past, present and future, up close and at a distance. From 2016 – 2018, using the methods I learned, I taught and attuned dozens of people in Reiki 1: First Degree & Reiki 2: Second Degree natural healing in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki method.

Reiki Testimonials

Private Reiki Healing w/ Tamara

  1. “Thank you again for that beautiful reiki session! I am so grateful for your energy & time. I was on cloud 9 all day after & then had some really insightful transformation & some things come up for me to work through, so it was wonderful! I can’t wait to come back & do it again soon!” – Kitty, Coral Springs
  2. “My session with Reiki Master, Tamara Ronkin, was ethereal, healing, and beyond. I had some blocked chakras that were unblocked and opened. Thank you Tamara, you are one of the most spiritual and soulful humans I know…. xoxo” – Jodie, Boca Raton
  3. “I just wanted to let you know how amazing my session was. I am looking forward to our next session.” – Morgan, Coral Springs
  4. “Thank you for your beautiful energy, Tamara! Dottie (my dog) appears to be feeling pretty zen following your session.” – Kayla, Dottie’s mom, Pompano Beach
  5. “I really enjoyed my session today! I’m feeling good both physically and emotionally.” – Joyce, Coconut Creek
  6. “I certainly feel enriched by the work we did. I’m looking forward to our next session.” – Brad, Deerfield Beach
  7. “I felt so great last night and still feeling good today!!!!!!!” – Randi, Parkland
  8. “Thank you!! I am very appreciative of your gift and the desire to help other people in need like myself.” – Veronica, Coconut Creek
  9. “Since our session on Friday, I have done progressively better! Today is actually the first day in over a month that I feel almost ‘normal.’ Thank you for sharing your special gifts!” – Linda, Parkland
  • Reiki 1: First Degree, 09/30/18
    Reiki 1: First Degree, 09/30/18
  • Reiki 1: First Degree, 7/22/18
    Reiki 1: First Degree, 7/22/18
  • Reiki 2: Second Degree, 6/24/18
    Reiki 2: Second Degree, 6/24/18
  • Reiki 1: First Degree, 02/25/18
    Reiki 1: First Degree, 02/25/18
  • Reiki 1: First Degree, 02-03-18
    Reiki 1: First Degree, 02-03-18
  • Reiki 2: Second Degree, 10/23/16
    Reiki 2: Second Degree, 10/23/16
  • Reiki 1: First Degree, 06-17-16
    Reiki 2: Second Degree, 10/23/16
  • Reiki 1: First Degree, 05-01-16
    Reiki 1: First Degree, 05-01-16

Reiki 1: First Degree Training w/ Tamara Ronkin

  1. “So blessed to have been able to complete my Reiki level one certification with these amazing women. Thank you for a great experience @tamararonkin 🙏🏼❤️🌎🌪🔥💧🔮” – Denise, Coral Springs
  2. “Such an incredible day spent with these powerful, inspiring ladies completing my Reiki-1 certification!💕🙏 Thank you Tamara Ronkin, I am grateful for you!” – Jenell, Pompano Beach
  3. “Thank you Tamara for leading this amazing training.” – Chelsea, Boynton Beach
  4. “I appreciate and thank you for teaching us and helping us heal and feel better.” – Emilijheim, Miami
  5. “Thank you SO much for the absolutely amazing training! I am so so excited for this journey!” – Melissa, Boca Raton
  6. “Thank you very much for your beautiful course and kind support.” – Iryna, Coconut Creek
  7. “Today was positively magical! Thank you Tamara Ronkin for sharing your amazing gift with us.” – Jill, Coconut Creek
  8. “Amazing training today. Wonderful!” – Jodie, Boca Raton
  9. “Thank you so much Tamara! What a wonderful experience in shared love and energy. Your teaching is so gentle in spirit and intense in outcome… ” – Dayna, Boca Raton
  10. “Fabulous Reiki workshop today from the best and sweetest teacher, Tamara Ronkin! I learned so much. The power of Healing is tremendous. I now go forth with new hope and amazement at how strong the body and mind can be. Namaste my dear teacher, Tamara. 🕉 💜” – Jeanny, Coral Springs
  11. “I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for everything you’ve done. I’m very honored to be your student, you are so full of love. I really enjoyed the class. Thank you for your guidance, and for the attunement received. I’m so happy Clarita found you and invited me to share this wonderful experience with all of you.” – Carola, Pompano Beach
  12. “I Really enjoyed our reiki class. I trust you and very excited that I’m going to be able to help my mom.” – Clarita, Coconut Creek.
  13. “Thank you for your teachings, guidance and attuning us to Reiki. I am thankful for the experience. – Robin, Deerfield Beach
  14. “I highly recommend Tamara Ronkin’s Reiki course to everyone. She is absolutely amazing! Her way of teaching will allow you to learn to use Reiki energy in union with your own intuition. Tamara will be by your side every step of your journey answering your questions, giving you advice, gently encouraging to move forward and trust yourself. Give it a try and Reiki will enter your life and bring magic into your everyday existence.” – Ileana, Coral Springs
  15. “Thank you so much Tamara for an incredible day. I learned so much and can’t wait to start practicing the skills you have shared!” – Ellen, Parkland
  16. “It was such a wonderful day.” – Christina, Delray Beach
  17. “Thank you, it was perfect.” – Ileana, Coral Springs
  18. “Thank you for an amazing Reiki class. It was very educational as well as inspirational; you really created a serene atmosphere that was contagious. Thanks for helping me on those moments when I needed it and I look forward to the next Reiki level.” – Veronica, Coconut Creek
  19. “Thank you for an amazing afternoon and the pendulum. I learned so much, especially about sound and how it relates to the chakras and I’m looking forward to putting it all into practice! Please keep me on your list for Reiki II.” – Colette, Deerfield Beach
  20. “The course was amazing!  Your wonderful energy and teaching skills helped us to learn and appreciate our new skills so organically. Thank you for the beautiful and thoughtful pendulum.  I look forward to using it in my practice for years to come.” – Lori, Coral Springs
  21. “Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.  The course was perfect.  I am looking forward to Reiki Second Degree.” – Michelle, Coconut Creek
  22. “I loved everything about it, it was so beautiful and I learned so much. I’m so excited to practice and I can’t wait for Reiki 2!!” – Sydney, Coral Springs

Reiki 2: Second Degree Training w/ Tamara Ronkin

  1. “You are such a gift! That was an amazing and unforgettable day!” – Sarah, Washington
  2. “Had such a great time on Sunday with these wonderful women during our Reiki 2 training. I’m truly grateful and honored to have been part of such a wonderful experience.” – Gina, Coral Springs
  3. “Tamara is absolutely amazing! She made it fun while imparting how sacred it is.” – Jill, Coconut Creek
  4. “My journey towards spiritual awakening continues. So proud to have attained my Level 2 Attunement as a Reiki healer. Thank you to our beautiful Reiki Master, Tamara Ronkin and Yoga Cure for hosting this amazing honorable event. Love and light!” – Jodie, Boca Raton
  5. “I learned so much yesterday! Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and it was a pleasure meeting Michelle and Ileana.  I already poured some Raku water into our Keurig, the cats bowl and dog’s.  This came just in time too, I had to take our dog to the vet tonight and I’m going to Reiki her in a few.  I have a big webinar to conduct and I’m definitely going to distance heal that day into the future too.  I’m really excited about this next journey.” – Colette, Deerfield Beach

Healing Through Yoga Nidra, Reiki & Sound Therapy Workshop w/ Ileana Claffey and Tamara Ronkin

  1. “It was a wonderful experience! I would be happy to repeat it any time!” – Faye, Coral Springs
  2. “It was beautiful! Thank you both for a peaceful and healing afternoon.” – Beth, Coral Springs
  3. Yesterday’s class was soooo great. Afterglow is still going.” – David, Coral Springs.
  4. “Thank you both so much! I feel amazing now.” – Brittany, Coconut Creek
  5. “What a great session today!!! ” – Trisha, Coral Springs
  6. “Once again another great experience! I feel very relaxed!” – Brittany, Coconut Creek
  7. “I love your Yoga Nidra Class!” – Susan, Coral Springs
  8. “Loved the class!!! So healing for mind and body!! Thank you!!!” — Penny, Coral Springs
  9. “Amazing class! Thank you. Namaste.” – Sandra, Parkland
  10. “It was a special class! Tamara and Ileana fill the room with so much healing energy. Thank you.” – Lori, Coral Springs
  11. “Wonderful class!!! I feel so good!!! I can hardly wait for the next one!!!” – Penny, Coral Springs
  12. “Beautiful class! Thank you!” – Susan, Coral Springs
  13. “Tamara, thank you again, for a wonderful class. So serene, so loving and your Reiki healing was exceptional. 💜💟” – Jeanny, Coral Springs
  14. “Thanks again, the workshop was awesome today, (I) felt totally relax(ed)!” – Corrine, Coral Springs”
  15. “Thank you & Ileana for the third eye opening workshop. I have found since the workshop my intuitive abilities have been amplified many many times stronger. I too am a Reiki Master, Reiki for Pets Only. Blessings to you & Ileana. Om Tat Sat, Hari-Priya-devi-dasi.” – Angelina, Coral Springs
  16. “Thank you Tamara and Ileana your workshop is so healing. Everyone loved it!” – Lynn, Coral Springs
  17. “Thank you….it was truly healing. Always wonderful. I appreciate you both!” – Argie, Coral Springs
  18. “Thank you, Tamara. It was lovely and exactly what I needed. Thank you for your beautiful energy ” – Bianka, Pompano Beach
  19. “Yeah! Thank you Tamara and Ileana for a wonderful inspiring time! ✨?? I felt happy after leaving your class. A special thanks to Tamara for the powerful Reiki healing. I felt the warmth!” – Jeanny, Coral Springs
  20. “I just wanted to say Thank You for another wonderful workshop!  It was so nice to meet Ileana and have both of you guide me through my first Yoga Nidra experience.” – Colette, Coral Springs
  21. “It was amazing ! ?” – Cassandra, Coral Springs
  22. “You two are great teachers.” – Laura, Coral Springs
  23. “Thank you Ileana and Tamara for a wonderful class. It was perfect!” – Michelle, Parkland
  24. “Amazing workshop! Thank you Ileana and Tamara!?” – Sheryl, Coral Springs
  25. “Thank you for another beautiful workshop. What a beautiful way to remind us to focus on what we are truly grateful for. Today I feel grateful for the time spent with amazing instructors and people who have such great energy. Namaste” – Linda, Parkland
  26. “Another amazing workshop! Thank you!” – Breyn, Coral Springs
  27. “Loved every minute! What a beautiful way to spend the day. Thank you Tamara Ronkin and IIeana for sharing your special gifts with us.” – Linda, Parkland
  28. “Thank you Ileana and Tamara! It was just what I needed.” – Michelle, Coconut Creek
  29. “Thank you for such a wonderful experience. It was so nice to see you and to feel the good energy. Thank u again for such a wonderful workshop. I felt so peaceful all day.” – Becky, Coral Springs
  30. “Heading out to Yoga Source for Reiki Healing and Yoga Nidre! Thanks Tamara Ronkin and Eliana for feeding my soul” – Vicky, Coral Springs
  31. “What an amazing class. You guys are so special…. thank you for filling my day with so much positive energy.” – Lori, Coral Springs
  32. “Thanks to you both! Wonderful!! Looking forward to next month! Namaste!” – Debbie, Coral Springs
  33. “My nice day started with breakfast with our neighbors and then took me to a great workshop at Yoga Source. Healing with Sound therapy, Yoga Nidra and Reiki. I feel better! Thank you Tamara and Ileana!” – Gail, Coral Springs
  34. “Preparing for an afternoon of bliss at Yoga Source – Workshop with yoga, meditation, gong and singing bowls. Perfect for a rainy afternoon.” – Michelle, Coral Springs
  35. “It was great!!!! Got home and slept for hours!!!! Lol Thank you!!!!” – Luz, Coral Springs
  36. “I come every month, wouldnt miss it. I am so relaxed, refreshed and renewed when I leave.” – Vicky, Parkland
  37. ” I loved it too. Thanks for the great workshop Tamara. :)” – Meltem, Coral Springs
  38. “Tamara, I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful workshop. I feel so relaxed and happy. :)” – Becky, Coral Springs
  39. “I think you helped me locate my missing center. Namaste’.” – Anne, Coral Springs
  40. “Nice way to spend the afternoon during a crazy hurried time of year.” – Sharon, Coral Springs
  41. “It was great! Many thanks, Ileana and Tamara.” – Cathy, Coral Springs
  42. “Loved it!! Thank you so much for sharing your healing energies.” – Lisa, Coral Springs
  43. “Thank you for today. I don’t know what you did, but I felt it. I felt your presence and a vibration in my limbs. After missing yoga for the last 2.5 months, today was a good reminder of how much I miss it and how much I need yoga in my life!” – Alison, Coral Springs.
  44. “Everyone should indulge their spirits by taking this class. It has been fundamental in helping me to “balance” myself when the stresses of life throw you off track. Your class is a gift to all of us. Thank you for blessing my life.” – Laura, Coral Springs
  45. “You were both just a pleasure to be guided by. You both epitomize what yoga is and should be.” – Lisa, Coral Springs
  46. “You are a healer and a bright light to all who are lucky enough to know you.”- Chris, Boca Raton