Out and About: Golden Path Yoga

Yoga with BellaI woke up early this Sunday to experience the 8:15 AM hatha flow yoga class with Bella at Golden Path Yoga in Coral Springs, a relatively new yoga studio that offers Yin, Hatha, Hatha Flow, Broga and Kundalini classes. I met Bella in the small retail lobby which featured mala beads and clothing. She checked me in, then led me through to the practice space, which was adorned with back-lit drapes in yellow, orange and red, lighted fabric circles, two multi-colored lamps, and a smooth dark wood floor. I could feel the good energy in this space and I liked it. Bella taught from an altar featuring a symphonic gong and singing bowl nearby. I was unfamiliar with her pop music selections, but the stereo was excellent, providing a lush soundscape of music, soothing voice and supportive words. Our vinyasa moved at a slow and even pace, which I liked, and she gave us a full-length savasana at the end. She treated us each to some essential oil spray and a few taps of the gong as we rested. Great job, Bella! Thank you. 🙂

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