Yoga Class Formats

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  • Hatha Yoga. Slow-pace. All-levels. After a gentle warm up, we hold various postures to stretch and strengthen our muscles. We breathe slowly and mindfully, finishing with a long-held resting posture.
  • Hatha Flow Yoga. We begin with mindful breathing and a warm-up. Then, we practice a series of dynamic postures that combine breath with movement. From there, we settle into poses for strength and flexibility. As class progresses, we slow down to experience deeper stretches. We conclude with a long-held resting posture.
  • Prenatal Yoga. Hatha or Flow yoga. Includes only postures safe for women in all stages of pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Chair Yoga. Hatha or Flow yoga with a chair. Great for workplace yoga and seniors.
  • Healing Yoga. Light stretching, breathing, meditation, Reiki and/or sound therapy.

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