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Hatha Flow Yoga

Yoga Class Testimonials

  1. “Thank you so much for all the wonderful yoga classes.” – Zena
  2. “Great class! Thank you. Will take again tomorrow.” Renee
  3. “Have I told you lately that I love your class? Thank you!” – Val, Coral Springs
  4. “… just love your teaching style!” – Karen, Coral Springs
  5. “Just to let you know that I loved having you home, your yoga video is very useful in this times. Thanks for your teaching.” – Omaira, Weston
  6. “Thank you Tamara. I was hurting and thought about skipping class. Feel so much better after leaving class. You helped me so much. 😊 ” – Donna, Coral Springs
  7. “Tamara, thank you for the wonderful class!!” – Keren, Coral Springs
  8. “A friend introduced me to meditation and yoga which truly saved me. I started to feel a sense of peace and healed in a natural and loving way. I had an amazing yoga teacher Tamara Ronkin who helped me heal and feel my inner light. To this day, I wake up every morning at 5:40 am to meditate and practice yoga. I am a much happier and peaceful mom when I meditate – or more bearlike when I don’t…. haha.” – Becky, North Carolina
  9. “I really enjoyed your class this morning. Hope you might consider teaching a Gentle Hatha class yourself at some point at Yoga Source. Have a wonderful weekend.” – Mona
  10. “I love your class and really appreciate all of the hip and hamstring poses yesterday. I’m so grateful to have such an amazing instructor who is so knowledgeable. Your class did me so much good!! I felt great yesterday and today. Thank you!!!!” – Adrienne, Parkland
  11. “Your friendship is important to me. I’m blessed to have you in my life as my yoga teacher, my reiki teacher and my friend ” – Christina, Delray Beach
  12. “It was so nice being in your class on Sunday. It’s like you always know what my body needs! I loved your playlist.” – Adrienne, Parkland
  13. “I am very thankful for all the teaching you had given me, I feel that the essence in life is not to forget to be grateful for the people that had left some knowledge in our journey and you are one of them.” – Omaira, Coral Springs
  14. “I love that you offer these kids [yoga] classes; wish I had done that with mine when they were little!” – Wendy, Parkland
  15. “I want to thank you for a wonderful class this morning. It was exactly what I needed to find my inner peace. Namaste.” – Ellen, Parkland
  16. “Feeling like a superstar! Thank you Tamara for such a revitalizing Hatha Yoga class this morning ❤ I feel amazing! Great seeing you, it’s been too long!” – Salila Thuy, Boca Raton
  17. “Thank you for the wonderful class!!! It was so healing and full of positivity.” – Breyn, Coral Springs
  18. “I just wanted to thank you again for coming to Country Hills to help us stretch and relax. I really appreciate you donating your time to help us feel good. I really enjoyed your class. Hopefully I will find the time to come to one of your classes in the future. Have a wonderful week.” – Tammy, Coral Springs
  19. “I really miss your Saturday morning class! Thank you so much for being my teacher for 2 years! I learned so much from you! And you got me through the most stressful year of my life, when I looked forward to Saturday yoga all week. I’m fortunate enough to be able to go to yoga 3 times a week now, and I have a strong foundation because of you. Thank you so much! ” – Jennifer, Chicago
  20. “Thank you for a beautiful class and I loved the sound healing meditation at the end.” – Kim, Coral Springs
  21. “Great class!! I had wonderful energy all day!!!!” – Debbie, Coral Springs
  22. “Shout out to Tamara for a beautifully taught slow flow class at yoga source today. You have a spiritual soul and melodic voice. Today was GREAT. You’re a pro.” – Lisa, Coral Springs
  23. “Amazing class as always. Thanks for the TLC.” – Christina, Boca Raton
  24. “Great class! Thanks just what I needed!” – Karen, Coconut Creek
  25. “Awesome class today! I sweated and did not even feel like I was pushing it.” – Arnie, Sunrise
  26. “Thank u for the wonderful class yesterday. It was medicine for my soul. Your energy is amazing.” – Becky, Coral Springs
  27. “What a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you Tamara!” – Tracy, Coral Springs
  28. “Loved the sh** outta your class Saturday! I wanna do that more-  I was afraid I’d be spent but it energized me!! Love your yoga voice, demeanor, Sanskrit….. Loved it all and again I thank you! Your students love you and no wonder: you are confident and soothing.” – Sandee, Coral Springs
  29. “My mother loved your class yesterday.  She was talking about going to some of your other classes.” – Tanya, Coral Springs
  30. “I truly enjoy your class and get so much out of it.” – Christina, Boca Raton
  31. “Your classes have been so healing for me.” – Pam, Parkland
  32. “Beautiful, challenging class this morning Tamara. Loved it!” – Kim, Coral Springs
  33. “Thank you for such a lovely class, I love how you/the class made me feel – quiet aaaaaah.” – Ileana, Coral Springs
  34. “I really enjoyed the class!! You def. showed me some new moves to practice. Hope to see you again soon!!!” – Robin, Coconut Creek
  35. “You just have to know how awesome my day was because I started it with you! I felt great and super energized all day.” – Vicky, Coral Springs
  36. “Yoga was awesome.” – Ronni, Coral Springs
  37. “LOVED your class this morning, Tamara. Fun moon salutations and challenging one legged balances…  a beautiful flow! You have a great voice for teaching, too!” – Kim, Coral Springs
  38. “Thank you for a great class and sharing your great energy. We loved the pace of the class and the time to be calm and stretch and open up energy centers. It was great and you will definitely see us again.” – Lara & Steven, Pompano Beach
  39. “Thanks for the class. I really enjoyed it. I will be back as often as possible.” – Caroline, Coral Springs
  40. “YOU are my daily dose of Zen.” – Christine, Coral Springs
  41. “Tamara, I’ve been missing you and your class. So glad I could make it happen today. I’ve already rearranged my whole day next Thursday so I can come to your class! Really looking forward to it… I feel good so far!!!” – Alison, Coral Springs
  42. “You are a wonderful instructor and Mom… if you have not attended her classes… do so ASAP!!!! Keep it up Tamara… your girls and your yoga are a true passion!!!”- Barbara, Delray Beach
  43. “Loved your class this morning; please keep us on the list for future park days; it was wonderful and so refreshing… I think you did a great job and everyone really loved the class.” – Vicky & Jay, Coral Springs
  44. “I have told so many about you, yoga and what I feel it is doing for me. Mentally, physically and spiritually. I feel like it is something that I am doing for my soul and it feels so good. Thank you for being the kind, patient and very informative teacher that you are!” – Roe, Coral Springs
  45. “Your classes are different than any other ones I have taken and I love them!” – Stephanie, Coral Springs
  46. Tamara”Loved it!! Thanks for a great practice. Tamara your peaceful spirit & positive energy fills the room! I am so thankful for your instruction, suggestions and encouragement. I so enjoy when you allow us to experiment and experience different ideas and ways of practicing. If you haven’t figured it out you are my Guru! Thank you so much for being a great example of living yoga on and off the mat. Namaste my friend.” – Karen, Coconut Creek
  47. “Thanks for a fun class this morning. Loved the pranamaya!!!” – Deborah, Coral Springs
  48. Just wanted to say what a great [family yoga] class on sunday. My daughter loved it; she asked to come again. Thank you.” – Lymari, mother to Dylan, Pembroke Pines
  49. “Class was great this morning, Thank you… :))” – Wendi, Coral Springs
  50. “I love your classes.” – Liliana, Coral Springs
  51. “Thank you for the wonderful Yoga class today. You are an awesome teacher and I really enjoyed working with you.” – Luis, Coconut Creek
  52. Loved the class. You know why we need you, because as we grow older we become not only more brittle in our bodies but in our thinking. Your inspiration helps those who are already seniors and those becoming to let go, to reprioritize, etc. I am grateful for even one class with you.” – Yogini Laura, Coral Springs
  53. “I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your class! You are a terrific instructor that is very calming. I always feel a sense of accomplishment during and after one of your classes. I may not be able to do all all the difficult poses but I can do a version of them. I like that!” also “I find peace and joy when I take a yoga class with Tamara. She is a wonderful instructor and I immensely enjoy growing my yoga practice with her!”- Bonni, Coral Springs
  54. “Thank you for a glorious experience!! Your class put me in a wonderful state of mind for the entire day!! So, this morning, thanks to you {lol} my thighs AND my abs hurt!!! I love it!!! You are a fabulous, motivating and highly knowledgeable instructor!!!” – Laurie, Coconut Creek
  55. “I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your wonderful manner and way of teaching. Again, I have ventured to take a yoga class with an unknown teacher and, again, I was disappointed. I would like to package your voice and cueing for my next trip. Missing you.” – Anne, Coral Springs
  56. “Perfect place, perfect weather, perfect yoga, perfect tea. What else can I say, other than I am already looking forward to next week.”-Bill, Coral Springs
  57.  “I really enjoyed all of your classes – Namaste :)” – Darling, Coral Springs
  58. “I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful summer. I truly loved your classes and will really miss them, they really made me feel great. I look forward to seeing you and taking your classes the next time I’m home.” – Melissa, Coral Springs
  59. “Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your teaching style today. You were awesome. You changed it up a bit and I appreciated it. My sister Lisa (short dark hair, blue eyes) took your Sunday am class at fusion and absolutely loved you & your teaching style. She can not remember if she mentioned that we are sisters, either way, I wanted to pass on the compliment to you. She is new to yoga, so thank you for giving her such a wonderful experience.”- Andi, Coral Springs
  60. “I enjoyed your class yesterday and look forward to your Sunday morning classes.” – Sherri, Coral Springs
  61. “I was lucky that Tamara Ronkin started doing yoga classes Saturday mornings at my son’s karate school in Margate Florida. It took me a long time to fit it in my schedule, but I’m glad that I did. Today was the second time I went, and I was sooooooo tired because my toddler kept me up half the night. I took things a little slower this week, but I still felt so relaxed afterwards. It is a really great work out for the whole body, and you can work at your own pace.” -Donna, Tamarac
  62. “Tamara, the girls loved the class so much. Thank you for bringing your GREAT energy to the mat for them.” – Allison, Coral Springs
  63. “The Family Yoga class with Tamara was great~! It was a light-hearted fun energetic class. I will definitely come to the next Family Yoga class! Thank You!!” – Beth, Ft. Lauderdale
  64. “Bailey loved the class. Tamara did a fantastic job. What a gentle and fun way to bring yoga into a child’s life. Thank you!” – Vikky, Coral Springs
  65. “Starting the day with you this morning was a wonderful experience… thank you… I really enjoyed your class.”- Stephanie, Coral Springs
  66. “I enjoy your classes so much Tamara. I leave feeling so good. I thank you for that and feel so blessed to have been introduced to Yoga with you. I am very thankful for you and the classes you offer to us. They are wonderful.” – Pat, Parkland
  67. “Great class, Tamara. It’s always fun to not know how the practice will be different every time we touch our mats… I can’t stop wanting to learn more and more.”- Andrew, Coral Springs
  68. “I will always be grateful to you for introducing me to yoga… Working out my entire life has been very important to me. When I hurt my back so very badly in a car crash, I thought that I would never be able to get back into the groove. Thank you so much, Tamara! You have showed me a new way to take care of my body as well as my mind. I had tried several different instructors and being the hyper person that I am, they just made me more hyper and I really did not get much out of the class. Finding you has been a treasure. Not only are you so good at what you do, but you are such a fabulous person. I look forward to Saturday mornings and hope that we can get you at least another day in the week and continue for many many years to come.” – Fran, Coral Springs
  69. “I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your class. I felt wonderful and energetic all day on Saturday, thanks to you.” – Suzanne, Coral Springs
  70. “Whenever yoga comes up and I say I take a class, people always ask me with who. I tell them I love your class. I mean that most sincerely. I do. You keep our classes always fresh and moving. Plus I am a better person and feel better, too.” – Lumi, Parkland
  71. “I just want to thank you for the wonderful experience. The class was great and I am looking forward to doing it again! I will probably be bringing another friend of mine, maybe two. I told them how the class is making me feel and they were excited.” – Claudia, Coconut Creek