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Singing may be just as healthy as yoga, scientists say

SingerARTICLE: Singing may be just as Healthy as Yoga, Scientists Say

According to researchers, singing releases endorphins and results, “in a calming effect on the mind and body that has the same health benefits as the ancient practice of yoga.” This could explain why the AUM at the end of yoga class feels so good. So go ahead and sing– in the shower or the car or wherever you are. Singing feels good and it’s good for you. 🙂


Buddhist Boot Camp
Buddhist Boot Camp

“We need not agree with, only learn to peacefully live with, other people’s freedom of choice. This includes (but is not limited to) political views, religious beliefs, dietary restrictions, matters of the heart, career paths, and mental afflictions. That said, tolerance does NOT mean accepting what is harmful. So may all beings live in peace, and may all beings be happy.” – Timber Hawkeye, Buddhist Boot Camp

Yoga Not Religious

Kids Yoga San Diego
Kids Yoga San Diego

READ ARTICLE: Yoga is Not Religious

Today, a California judge ruled that yoga in schools is not religious. Hooray for the kids of San Diego! They will continue to receive (free!!) guided exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques for physical fitness and well-being. Everyone can benefit from this instruction. I can understand why the parents sued, though. Have you ever taken a yoga class that felt more like a religious experience than fitness and relaxation? Some teachers are heavy with Buddhism and Hinduism, but simple guidelines are enough to create a religion-free experience. What do you think?

You Can Empower Another Person

empowerEmpower others to be their own teachers and leaders. And in turn they empower their friends, families, and coworkers. Together we create a community of powerful spirits. There is something beautiful that emerges when you empower others. There is a feeling of security rather than competition; a feeling of love rather than fear; a feeling of growth rather than stagnation; a feeling of being empowered yourself by empowering others.

– from Miraculous Living by Rabbi Shoni Labowitz

Does Yoga Count As Exercise?

Does Yoga Count as Exercise?
Does Yoga Count as Exercise?

ARTICLE: Does Yoga Count As Exercise?

by Laura Schwecherl

Do you agree with Ms. Schwecherl? I say “yes” and “no.” It depends what style of yoga you’re practicing. Hatha Flow Yoga addresses all five areas of physical fitness, including 1) muscular strength, 2) muscular endurance, 3) flexibility 4) body composition and 5) Cardiovascular conditioning. Sun salutations, repetitions and sequences increase heart rate and respiration.

Current U.S. Guidelines for healthy adults is 150+  minutes of moderate (or 75 minutes of intense) weekly exercise. You could practice hatha flow yoga several days a week (how about daily? :)) or alternate your practice with sustained cardiovascular activities and sports. I like walking, cycling, swimming and hula hooping!