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Free Reiki Healing Station

Free Reiki Healing station with Tamara Ronkin at the Yoga Source Open House, Saturday, April 27th, 12:30 – 4:30  (yes, I stayed an hour after Open House ended to accommodate everyone in line) with a free mini-reiki session and energy reading. Gentle music played in the background. I used the singing bowl. We had a nice shady spot with a cool breeze. Thank you to everyone who came out! To find out about future events, visit www.mindbodynow.com.

Calorie Burn

Calorie BurnWhat’s your calorie burn?

If you are interested in weight management and cardiovascular health, try wearing a heart-rate monitor during active times (like housework!) and fitness classes. Here’s some of the data I collected over the last several days and what I observed:

When I lead an active Hatha Flow Yoga class, calories burn!! 270 calories in 75 minutes.

When I take other teachers’ flow classes, I burn 30 – 50% fewer calories. Hmm. I think our styles are different.

Personal Data Collected:

  • Fitness Barre Class, 60 minutes, 248 calories
  • Slow Flow Yoga, 75 minutes, 92 calories
  • Hatha Flow Yoga, 75 minutes, 90 calories
  • Kids Yoga with me, 45 minutes, 148 calories
  • Hatha Flow Yoga with me, 75 minutes, 270 calories
  • Stationary bike, 30 minutes, 130 calories

To lose one pound per week, reduce calories by 500 per day through diet and exercise. To lose two pounds per week, reduce by 1000 calories. Physical fitness is measured in muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and body composition. How much fitness do you need? Click here to learn more>>

Overcrowded Yoga Sucks

Crowded Yoga ClassI dislike crowds. I’m sensitive to “personal space.” Arms length away from my neighbor is ideal. Energetically, that’s about the size of our aura. When people are crowding into me, energetically and physically, I feel crushed and agitated. This happens at malls, festivals, restaurants and overcrowded yoga classes. When I find myself in a class like that, in my heart, I know I should just leave, but I always end up staying because I’m there anyway and I don’t want to hurt the teacher. The teacher is beaming, but I’m suffering… claustrophobic and modifying my practice to stay within my “yoga mat island.” I’m practicing yoga in a “glass box” and have to consciously think about every move and what limb might reach into a neighbor’s space, the wall or radio. I dream of big flowing movements I’m not allowed to take, like swan dives and supine twists. I must keep my eyes open instead of dwelling within. Finally class ends, but the irritation continues. I have fitful dreams that night of taking a yoga class and crowds of people arrive and surround me. I run away in frustration, outside, where I can scream and BREATHE! And then I’m dwelling on it the next day. I’m grateful that the yoga classes I teach are moderate in size, with enough space for us all to move freely.