You Can Empower Another Person

empowerEmpower others to be their own teachers and leaders. And in turn they empower their friends, families, and coworkers. Together we create a community of powerful spirits. There is something beautiful that emerges when you empower others. There is a feeling of security rather than competition; a feeling of love rather than fear; a feeling of growth rather than stagnation; a feeling of being empowered yourself by empowering others.

– from Miraculous Living by Rabbi Shoni Labowitz

Does Yoga Count As Exercise?

Does Yoga Count as Exercise?
Does Yoga Count as Exercise?

ARTICLE: Does Yoga Count As Exercise?

by Laura Schwecherl

Do you agree with Ms. Schwecherl? I say “yes” and “no.” It depends what style of yoga you’re practicing. Hatha Flow Yoga addresses all five areas of physical fitness, including 1) muscular strength, 2) muscular endurance, 3) flexibility 4) body composition and 5) Cardiovascular conditioning. Sun salutations, repetitions and sequences increase heart rate and respiration.

Current U.S. Guidelines for healthy adults is 150+  minutes of moderate (or 75 minutes of intense) weekly exercise. You could practice hatha flow yoga several days a week (how about daily? :)) or alternate your practice with sustained cardiovascular activities and sports. I like walking, cycling, swimming and hula hooping!

“The one love you yearn for most…”

Love“The one love you yearn for most is unconditional love. The one love that is hardest to give is unconditional love. Yet all other forms of love are an illusion next to unconditional love. True love is free from expectations and empty of preconceived notions. In unconditional love there are no disappointments, for there are no expectations; there are no rejections, for there are no preconceived notions. Unconditional love is giving yourself fully and receiving fully.”

– Rabbi Shoni Labowitz, “Miraculous Living”