Do you wish to naturally improve or maintain your health and wellness? I can help! I’m Tamara Ronkin, an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Reiki natural healer in Coral Springs, Florida. Learn more about me.

Why Yoga? 

All you need is a yoga mat and comfortable clothing. Yoga postures improve muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. Barefoot training strengthens feet and ankles. Mindful breathing can expand lung function and promote relaxation. Stretching releases natural “feel good” endorphins within the body. Meditation helps calm the mind.

Yoga Styles

sun salutation sequence

I primarily teach hatha flow yoga (vinyasa) and sometimes hatha yoga. My classes combine modern fitness science with ancient hatha yoga. All levels welcome. View my class schedule.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is the channeling of Universal Qi or energy at the frequency of and for the purpose of healing. Reiki is not a substitute for conventional medicine; however, it does not interfere or conflict with it or any other form of healing; instead it compliments and enhances the effect, speeding up the healing process. Learn more about Reiki

Want to know more?

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